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3 Tips to Keep Your Diesel Engine Running Great in Cold Weather

Diesel engines are known for their power and performance. However, the plunging temperatures of Oregon winters can take a toll on your diesel. Want to keep your diesel engine running great all year long? Use these three simple tips from the diesel repair specialists at Absolute Air & Auto Repair in Springfield, Oregon.

Give It Time

In order for your diesel truck to run efficiently during frigid temperatures, you must give it enough time to warm up. If you simply hop behind the wheel and start driving, your diesel engine will have to work double time. The time it takes for your diesel to warm up will depend on how cold it is outside. If the temperatures are in the negatives, give your diesel engine about seven minutes or more to warm up before driving it. Giving your diesel time to warm up allows the temperatures to rise in the combustion chamber, enabling your truck to operate at its best.

Keep Your Engine Warm

As with everything else, your diesel engine might need more help staying warm as the winter temperatures drop. Many diesel vehicles are equipped with built-in block heaters to keep the engine warm when it’s parked overnight. This makes your truck easier to start. Furthermore, it will take less time to warm up. A block heater is easy to use and highly efficient. Just plug the extension cord into an outlet that can handle the high voltage of the heater.

Another way to keep your diesel engine warm is a diesel-fired coolant heater. This adds some extra warmth to your engine, fluids, and other essential components. Since these heaters don’t use electricity, you can literally use them anywhere.

Keep Your Diesel in Tip-Top Shape

To help your diesel truck overcome the winter weather, keep on top of its routine maintenance services. Regular oil changes and other essential services will keep it in great shape. Call the truck repair technicians at Absolute Air & Auto Repair in Springfield, Oregon today if you need superior diesel repair services. With over 20 years of experience, we’ll keep your truck running strong all year long.

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